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Training for clean room users

It is essential to train the people that are using the clean room in order to obtain the specifications of the clean room.

If people don't know to use or why they need to use garment well, what to and specially NOT to do in the clean room you don't have commitment of them. Commitment is important so they do the correct things to keep the clean room a clean room, don't have down time and keep the rejects to a minimum.

With a proper training they will learn why it is important to use the cleanroom garments correct and not to run in a clean room or not to use carton and wood a clean room.

For maintenance it is important as well to know how the clean room is working how to do maintenance at the room and the air supply system to check filters or to replace them when necessary.

Do you want to have more information for clean room training on site or on line please contact or via our social media links on top of the blog.

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