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Re-qualification and maintenance of clean rooms.

The re-qualification is performed according the international standard for clean room and controlled area's

ISO 14644. In this standard it is documented when and how the clean room should be qualified.

The main item in this standard is the particle amount and size per cubic meter.

Each ISO classification (1-9) has its own maximum particle amount with particle sizes see table below.

Clean rooms should have a minimum positive pressure and air circulations per hour. There is not a strict range mentioned in the standard

but more a guide line what it should be.

All other qualification tests like

temperature, humidity, differential room pressure, air changes, light intensity and noise are depending on the clients production process needs.

For filter efficiency test the type of filter needs to be within the specification. Like a filter with an efficiency of 99.99% the leak should be not greater that 0.01%

Maintenance is a part that is as well very important for clean rooms because for example duct need to be cleaned frequently, pre and final filters need to be replaced frequently, door seals need to be checked if they are not damaged.

Also cleaning of the ceiling, walls and floor should be part of a maintenance procedure.

And of course the HVAC and condenser should be cleaned, filters need to be replaced frequently in order to have a correct function HVAC system. If condenser is not cleaned and filters are not replaced is the result in a not functioning well of the system but as well a much higher electrical bill. The energy bill would be higher because the system needs to work harder of the polluted filters and condenser that maybe need as well gas replacement.

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