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Pass boxes and cleanroom

Protect your clean room products and your employees:

Pass boxes are an essential part of protection on both sides in and outside the room. They will make the difference in contamination and in speed if something need to be taken in or out the room. The pass boxes can be used in clean room as well in containment rooms because of the airtight seal. For example: at this moment the pass boxes are used in laboratories because of all the Covid-19 tests that are executed.

Pass boxes are in different materials sizes and available as well as dynamic pass box and with or without interlock system. All pass boxes have rounded corners for easy cleaning so that no particles stay behind in the cleaning process.

At the left you see an stainless steel pass box with up and down sliding doors with adjustable tray height in a transparent clean room wall. This has the advantage that you don't need space around the pass box as you need with swing doors. Just simple slide the door up and put or take out the materials.

The pass boxes left is powder coated and the one below is made of stainless steel. Both are with an electrical interlock system and swing doors. The swing door direction can be adjusted to the client needs. The red and green light indicates if the door on your side is locked or not.

The pass box on the left is an dynamic pass box that means it is provided with an air recycling system via pre and HEPA filters with an 99.99% efficiency.

These pass boxes are used to clean the items that have been placed in the pass box to be transferred to the clean room. This pass box with air shower system make it possible to transfer particle clean items into the clean room. As well this pass box can de delivered in different sizes and materials.

Visit www.aeriscleanroomsolutions for more information about available types, dimensions and more detailed information.

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