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Modular vs Traditional cleanroom

When it comes to designing a new cleanroom, the biggest, and possibly first decision you’ll have to make is if your cleanroom will be modular or traditionally constructed. There are benefits and limitations to each of these options, and it can be difficult to determine the right choice for your cleanroom application. Below you can see Aeris clean room solutions idea about modular cleanrooms vs traditional construction.


For applications requiring flexibility, modular construction will be the best option. Traditional construction can’t be packed up and moved to another location. Nor is it as easy to expand as modular construction where adjustments are minor, such as detaching a few panels and adding more to them. Instead, you have to totally renovate, tear down walls, etc. Depending on your cleanroom size, use and classification, you could have a -flexible Softwall cleanroom, which has ESD PVC curtain walls or Hardwall cleanroom, with thicker, more substantial wall panels.

While it might seem like traditional construction is more impervious and more permanent than modular construction, Hardwall cleanrooms are just as impermeable to contaminants as traditional walls, ceilings, and floors.


Depending on the size, budget, classification, and application of your cleanroom, modular construction may be less expensive than traditional construction. This is especially true of smaller cleanrooms or those that are not permanent. For applications of movable small cleanrooms or to have a local better particle control a Softwall cleanroom may be the best option and are as well more economical priced.


While traditional construction can take months from start to finish, modular construction is a much simpler process, as all the components are already pre fabricated. Instead of having to build walls from raw materials, with modular cleanrooms, the components simply need to be assembled to your specifications. Modular construction can take as little as a few days or weeks to complete depends on the size and ISO classification, which is crucial to getting your operations up and running as soon as possible.

If you’re designing a cleanroom, get in touch with Aeris cleanroom solutions to see how our modular cleanroom designs are the right option for your cleanroom.

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