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Maintenance cleanroom and air supply

It is needed to perform maintenance at your clean room and its air supply system as you can see in the pictures below that are showing the difference between used and new filters.

It is the same as with your car if you not perform maintenance you can ending stranded on the read with leak tires or broken motor because of missing oil.

The used filters are that much polluted that there is less air injected into the clean room and less air means less positive pressure and air circulations. Both have the result that the clean room will have more particles that will contaminate the products. Enter your clean room and the air supply system in a maintenance system so you are sure that the clean room will perform always according its specifications. Aeris can help to setup a maintenance system for your room and can perform the maintenance and the needed yearly qualification. #maintenance#cleanroom#filters#hepafilter#hvac#airconditioning#airsupply

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