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Air shower in front of your clean room to obtain the cleanliness of your room.

Air showers serve to protect your clean room environment from unwanted contamination. Clean garments become contaminated during the gowning/un-gowning process with Skin, normal cloth particles and hairs and because of high traffic in the gowning area. The contamination problem is amplified when the same garment is worn several times or is taken on and off numerous times during the day. As well the humans in general who is working in a clean room are the most puting factor of the room.

The Aeris air shower is a fast and effective method of removing this surface contamination, contamination that will otherwise be carried directly to your clean room and deposited on your product and critically clean areas by sloughing off from the surface of the garments.

The pricipe of the air shower is blowing with high speed (approx 20m per second) air into the shower via adjustable nozzles. The air is moving the clean room garment and the particles will be loosen from the clean room garment into the air. The air is sucked into the lower part of the shower and via the pre and HEPA filters the air is filtered for re-use. Because the air shower is re-using the air no extra ducts need to be installed just a power cort need to be connected to the power supply and the shower is ready to use.

The shower are deliverable using powder coated painted steel for the in and outside or stainless steel depends a combination of both materials is possible.

All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower. Air showers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to provide a cleaning system to meet your specific application.

Automation control

System adopts single chip microcomputer control. The display shows correct air shower status as well with spoken English human voice. The doors are standard equipped with interlock system what means that the doors cant be opened at the same time and not be opened during the shower cycle. The presence sensor is installed to activate the shower process automatically when doors are closed and a person is noticed in the shower.

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